Springtime fishing In the Goose Pond FWA of Linton IN and the Greene Sullivan State Forrest

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Springtime fishing is almost here. Now is the time to be getting all your gear in top shape.

Now the first thing that should be done is check and make sure your line is still in good condition, if it’s not then strip it off and while the spool is empty is a great time to clean and lubricate everything.

It’s amazing how dirty reels and rods can get during use and even during storage. A wet rag with a little soapy water can work wonders on the crud buildup.

Now that you have the rod and the reel clean add your new line if need be and open your tackle box and start straightening that mess out. If you don’t have one get a good hook sharpener, hooks need to be sharpened regularly. Sharp hooks will definitely increase your strike to hookup ratio.

In the early spring one thing to keep in mind is think slow down your presentation when using artificials. The fish’s metabolism is still slow even though they are actively feeding after spending the winter in deeper water. 

Small jigs, 1/32 -1/16 oz. are an excellent choice. You can also fish them under a SLIP BOBBER RIG. Just remember to keep an eye on your bobber because the take can be very light. My favorite combo this time of year is a Beetle Spin jig/spinner combo. Fishing it as slow as I can but keeping it above any cover.

The main thing is to get outdoors and enjoy what nature has to offer. The Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife and the Greene Sullivan State Forrest has thousands of acres of publiuc land for you to enjoy. 


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